Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name Gryllies come from? 

We chose the name Gryllies because we use Gryllodes sigillatus, a species of cricket, in our sauces. We felt it was important to pay homage to these tiny environmental warriors. They are blazing the trail in sustainable eating, one cricket at a time! 


Where is Gryllies headquartered?

Gryllies is located in the Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto.


How do I contact Gryllies?

We've created a convenient contact form. Fill it out and we'll get back to you ASAP! You can also reach us at any of our forms of social media.


Will I be able to taste/feel the crickets in the sauce?

We understand that eating crickets can be a concept that's a little hard to swallow for some people. That's why we've focused on making our sauce as easy to swallow as possible! Not only is our sauce delicious, it is also almost entirely impossible to detect crickets in it. Since we use cricket powder in our pasta sauce, you will not feel any part of the cricket, as it has been ground up to a fine powder. Crickets offer a nutty, savoury taste to the sauce but it is very complementary to the other ingredients, not overpowering.  


Are the crickets farmed humanely?

Here at Gryllies we strive to create a better environment for all creatures of the Earth - including our teeny tiny friend the cricket. Our farmers acknowledged the cricket's preference for dark, warm places and created Cricket Condos. These condos simulate their natural living environment where they are free to hop from feed station to feed station, as well as borrow deep into the condos if desired. The crickets are able to enjoy this stress-free living situation until the end of their natural six week life cycle, at which time they are harvested. You can read more about cricket farming procedures by paying a visit to our cricket suppliers, Entomo Farms


Do your products contain gluten?

We do not add any gluten to our products, however, we do not operate out of a gluten free facility. Some ingredients may have come into contact with gluten. Contact us for more details.


Do your products contain nuts?

We do not add any nuts to our products, however, we do not operate out of a nut free facility. Some ingredients may have come into contact with nuts. Contact us for more details.


Where can I buy Gryllies products?

Currently, we are available online and in store at Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens, Summerhill Market (Summerhill Ave. location), and McEwan (Don Mills location). 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.


I am a business owner and I am interested in selling Gryllies sauce. How can I sell your products in my store?

We are very interested in anyone that would like to sell our products in their store. To make an inquiry about this opportunity, please email us at: hello@gryllies.com


What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your sauce, we will gladly issue a refund within 30 days of purchase. If you are interested in making a return, email us at: hello@gryllies.com


Why did you choose to put crickets in your sauce?

Crickets are the protein of the future. They are very rich in various nutrients and are much more sustainable to produce than red meat. Visit this page for more details. 


I still have more questions.

If we didn't answer your question here, email us at: hello@gryllies.com. We'd love to hear from you!