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Sauce Me!

It's a small jump from your weekly meal

to treating your taste-buds, body, and planet like a Queen

Gryllies Sauce can be used on any tomato-based-recipe under the sun; even pizza!

Gryllies Sauce used on spaghetti, to get your protein requirements without having to use meat!

Our story

Dinner Reinvented. Protein Redefined

Meat is delicious but we found the health and environmental effects a little harder to swallow. We set out to explore the world of alternative proteins. We teamed up with professional chefs and an Italian grandmother to develop a high protein pasta sauce that is mouth watering, packed with protein, B12 and iron without the negative effects on our planet and body. 

What people are saying

A moment of fun sharing. An innovative product which is tasty and eco-friendly. Lots of inspiration for new recipes.

Liana Robberecht, Award Winning Chef

Could definitely see myself incorporating this product into my diet."


Never thought I would eat crickets, but also never thought it would taste so good!"


Loved it! Saving the world one cricket at a time!


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