Dinner Reinvented. Protein Redefined

Meat is delicious, but the health and environmental effects are a little harder to swallow. We teamed up with professional chefs and an Italian grandmother to develop a high protein sauce that is mouth watering, packed with protein, B12, and iron without the negative effects on our planet and body. 

It's a small jump from your weekly meal

to treating your taste-buds, body, and planet like a Queen.

Create something unique and delicious.

What people are saying

A moment of fun sharing. An innovative product which is tasty and eco-friendly. Lots of inspiration for new recipes.

Liana Robberecht, Award Winning Chef

Could definitely see myself incorporating this product into my diet."


Never thought I would eat crickets, but also never thought it would taste so good!"


Loved it! Saving the world one cricket at a time!


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